Activities at Fjordcamp

Here is a brief description of some of the activities you can do at Fjordcamp. Some you can do yourselves, others require supervisor due to safety. We may put together activities for a competition, activities for a fun ending of the course/conference or activities for the family. Please ask for prices.

Axe throwing

Axe throwing at targets, challenging and fun!
Do you feel the Viking in you?

Require supervisor.


Can you do better than Robin Hood? Target shooting that requires coordination and precision.

Require supervisor

Obstacle course

Here you can express yourself freely, test the balance and feel that your body is working!Can be combined with other activities in a competition.

Running over floating crates in the water

Test your balance, but be quick! The key is to run as fast as possible over the crates that float in the sea without falling into the water.We recommend that you bring dry clothes and shoes to change 🙂

Require supervisor.

Walking on stilts

This is like sycling, if you have learned it, you master it! But are you the quickest at the distance?

Milk-container holding

Known from the Norwegian reality-show “Farmen”, this competition requires arm-strength and endurance!

Air gun

Shooting at targets, the highest score wins!

Require supervisor.


When the weather permits, it is possible to go water skiing at Fjordcamp. Contact reception for further information.

The egg in the nest

Egg competition in a new way.The egg has fallen out of the nest, make it safely back through the obstacle course.

Tube riding

When the weather permits, it is possible to go tube-riding at Fjordcamp. Contact reception for further information.


Play at our beach volleyball court!

Tug of war

No game without tug of war!
Man to man, woman to woman or mixed team!


Slam dunk? Or 10 in a row?


Or what about trying badminton at the beach court? It requires some conditioning to run in the sand…

Boule / Boccia

Boules and Boccia activates the whole family, but it also triggers the competition seekers!


What is the summer without a game of crocket?

Nature quiz

Follow the path at the far end of the campsite to take our nature quiz on a trip up to Kråkbergtoppen.


Kubb – an old game from the Vikings!


We also have quiz for different occations, whether you hire one of our BBQ huts, attend a seminar/conference/course or just want to have fun with friends, we can make a quiz based on your wishes. Please contact us for an offer!