Bø in Vesterålen

Bø in Vesterålen is well-known for its beautiful scenery, and people often travel far to explore what Vesterålen has to offer.

The land of the fairytales, Bø.

Watch the midnight sun´s beautiful colours as it goes down into the horizon, or experience the northern lights´ lively dance in the evening sky. Here, on the islands of Vesterålen, you can watch the horizon and the Arctic Ocean.

Close to adventures.
Close to nature, people, animals and a living history.

The North-Norwegian fairytale-queen Regine Normann was born in Bø in 1867. Her own history is an adventure. She wrote fairytales from sea- and coastlandscapes. We celebrate her with an annual festival; Reginedagan.

In Bø there are adventures and magic to experience for everyone, behind every rock, on every reef and on every beach. You can find it in the scenery, in the history and by speaking with the people living here.

During the spring 2013, the tourist information for Bø will be located at Fjordcamp, please contact us on phone 48292136 or visit us at Fjordcamp for a nice chat about what you can experience and do in our region.

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The tourist information for Bø can be contacted on phone +47 482 92 136 or on e-mail boe.turistinfo@gmail.com

The tourist information for Vesterålen is located here:

Vesterålen Travel Guide 2014

View of Fjordcamp Bø in Vesterålen.