How do you want to explore Fjordcamp, Bø and Vesterålen?

We have put together different packages that we can offer our guests. If you want a combination of our suggestions, you are welcome to contact us and together we can find a package that suits you best!

Whale safari

In cooperation with Whale Safari AS, Andenes we offer whale safari with guarantee! The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS), that has specialized in publishing reviews of this type of tourism all over the world has given Hvalsafari the following commendation: “The world’s largest, most successful Arctic whale watching operation is Hvalsafari AS (Whalesafari Ltd.) in Andenes”. Contact us by email or phone for further information about the tours, prices and travel time. We also provide transportation for small and large groups.


Fjordcamp is beautifully situated in a lovely fjord, with a short distance to great fishing spots sheltered from the ocean. Smaller groups that want to go fishing on their own may rent a boat at Fjordcamp. We also offer authentic coastal fishing as it has been done for generations in an original fishing boat from the 1960s.

Arctic Light – more than the midnight sun and the northern lights Photosafari

The Arctic Light! So much more than the midnight sun and northern lights. You can enjoy the midnight sun from the quayside at Fjordcamp from late May to mid-July, weather permitting. Photo motives stand in line, both from land and sea! You may experience the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) at night sky in winter when the weather permits. But The Arctic Light we have all year round! Clear true colours, always changing… At Fjordcamp there is little light pollution from other buildings and street lights so that the conditions are right for taking good pictures!

The Sámi culture

In cooperation with Inga Sámi Siida we can offer experiences witin the Sámi culture and their food traditions! Visit the reindeer fences in the mountains and join the collecting and labeling of reindeer during the summer season, or take a ride with the snowmobile to feed the reindeer during the winter season. Try to catch the reindeer with a lasso, and taste traditional Sámi food. Visit the lavvo and listen to stories about the Sámi people, their language and culture.

Guided journeys in the mountains and by the fjords, summer and winter

Bø has a spectacular nature, with very various weather conditions, high mountains and steep cliffs, deep fjords and sandy, white beaches, roaring seas and midnightsun. We also have polar nights with northern lights dancing on the sky…. The photo motives are many! Please dress according to the weather conditions and join us on a journey!

Sightseeing in Bø

We can offer guided tours in Bø visiting museums, points of interests, authentic fishing villages, iron-age graves and beautiful scenery. In cooperation with Bø taxi and Boreal we arrange journeys for groups from 9 to 49 persons. Smaller groups have to make an appointment with Fjordcamp directly.

Fjordcamp activities

At Fjordcamp we have many activities such as: Axe throwing, archery, tug of war, ball games, water activities, obstacle course etc.


Bøhallen is a sports hall/culture house in Bø. Here you can swim, go to the movies, exercise or you can have Bøhallen as a starting point for tours in the area. In cooperation with Bøhallen we have created an activity package to suit people of all ages!