Arctic Light

The Arctic Light! So much more than the midnight sun and northern lights..

You can enjoy the midnight sun from the quayside at Fjordcamp from late May to mid-July, weather permitting. Photo motives stand in line, both from land and sea!

You may experience the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) at night sky in winter when the weather permits.

But The Arctic Light we have all year round! Clear true colours, always changing…

At Fjordcamp there is little light pollution from other buildings and street lights so that the conditions are right for taking good pictures

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Arctic Light Photo Safari

In collaboration with photographer Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen we offer photo safaris with a focus on Arctic Light.

Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen is a well known photographer and has been published in National Geographic Magazine with several photos of the Northern Lights.

Dark polar winter days in Northern Norway is also lighting time, the days are short but the light is constantly changing. The blue hour is a familiar concept in Northern Norway, when the light during a hectic afternoon hour shifts from clear ice blue to soft pastel colors and then go into the quiet dark blue tones before darkness falls. In the evening you might see the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis! With rapid fluctuations in strength, shape and color spreading northern lights across the sky, creating a magical atmosphere which for centuries has been the source of many legends and myths.

But arctic light can also be bright summer nights where the sun does not set below the horizon during the day, but rather colors the evening sky in hot orange, pink and red shades giving the clouds a deep blue and violet tone. Every day and every night is a new play of light where all colors are represented and makes no motives similar.

Here at Fjordcamp and Bø, we have very little light pollution from man-made light, this makes our area particularly suitable for detecting light in photography.

We start with an introduction about the midnight sun or the northern light depends on the season, then a technical review of photography. Getting to know your camera manual settings vs. auto, white balance, shutter speed, convenient facilities and similar topics.

After this we dress for the conditions and go out on a photo safari. The tour will be added locally in the area on foot. We are also able to use boat or minibus for those who want special locations. We arrange for your requirements but do note that weather conditions may set limits, for example, forecasts of the northern lights can be good but low clouds can prevent us from seeing anything.
We can not give guarantee to see the midnight sun and northern lights but the scenery and experience the arctic light you get!

The session will be documented by Øystein so you can concentrate on the light and nature, we will give you a CD with the photos afterwards as a memento.

Duration: up to 6 hours , afternoon / evening.

Clothing and footwear under the circumstances is required. It is a great advantage to use a tripod to natural and Arctic Light – photography, bring your personal equipment. User Manual for your camera is also an advantage if you are not familiar with the manual settings.

We customize a plan for you or your group. Price depends on number of participants, duration, dining, transport by bus or boat and so on.

Minimum start-up fee NOK 4000
More than 4 persons, from NOK 850 per person.

© All images: Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen. Reproduction not allowed without permission.