Join us for an unforgettable whale safari – with whale guarantee!

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS), that has specialized in publishing reviews of this type of tourism all over the world has given Whalesafari Andenes the following commendation:

“The world’s largest, most successful Arctic whale watching operation is Hvalsafari AS (Whalesafari Ltd.) in Andenes”.


We have extended our 100% whale guarantee to all our winter safaris as well. That means that if the boat does not find any whale, one can take part in a new whale safari free of charge, or get the safari part of the ticket refunded (the price one pays minus 100,- NOK that are administrative costs).

The safari includes
• Exciting guided tour through the museum.
• Guided boat trip.
• M/S Reine: light meal with tea and coffee; M/S Maan Dolphin: tea and coffee
• Visitor certificate
• Visit at the HisNaKul centre: Northern Light, hunting in the arctic, slide show

Average duration of trips:
on M/S Reine: 2 to 4 hours normally
on M/S Maan Dolphin: 1,5 to 3 hours normally

* IMPORTANT: trips can be changed or cancelled on short notice due to bad weather or too low number of people

We check the weather forecast everyday. In case the weather conditions change, safaris can be anticipated or postponed. This is done to give you the most comfortable boat trip. In case of anticipations, the boat leaves one hour earlier than planned. Our recommendation is therefore to meet up 1 hour and 45 minutes earlier than the original boat departure time and follow the guided tour in the museum.

Guided tour in the museum
Our guided tour at the Whale Centre provides basic knowledge about the biology of the whales, their function in eco-system and assertive research.

All photos: copyright Whalesafari Andenes